Thursday, 24 December 2015

Florence's Christmas Eve Box

Last year, Chris and I were useless at Christmas. Florence was just three weeks old and we didn't buy her a single gift, not even a card. We were still in that Newborn Dreamy stage and we didn't shower most days, let alone have time to think about Christmas. This year we wanted to do things a little differently. We wanted to start our own Family Christmas Traditions and make Christmas a really special time, even more so that we are both back in full time Work and Education so every second of time together is precious. 

I've seen a few people put together "Christmas Eve Boxes" and I really love the idea of making a box of goodies to kick start the Christmas festivities.

Here is what is inside Florence's 2015 Christmas Eve Box!

 Letter to Father Christmas

Chris and I bought this little letter pouch from The White Company last year before Florence was born. We completely forgot about it and found it at Chris's parent's house a couple of months ago. It is just beautiful!

Christmas Eve Plate

A friend of mine makes these personalised Christmas Eve Plates so we just had to have one. We can't wait to fill it up with Florence - although I am not sure that she'll want to leave a Mince Pie and a glass of Milk for someone else!

Reindeer Food

Florence made this bag of Reindeer Food at my School's Christmas Fayre. We will sprinkle it on our lawn after tracking Father Christmas on Norad and watching the International Space Station (Father Christmas's Sleigh!) fly over our house. 


Now that Father Christmas and his Reindeers are fed it is time for Florence to have a little treat. I found these Organix Gingerbread Men in Tesco and they are the perfect Christmassy alternative to chocolate treats. 


We have bought Florence two Christmas sleepsuits. One for Christmas Eve and the other for Christmas Night. I loved them both and couldn't decide on a favourite so of course, she just had to have both! 

Chris also chose these cute little Reindeer socks/booties from Asda! 



I just loved this Father Christmas Apron Bib from Tesco. We use this style of bib at meal times and the design is just perfect for Florence to eat her first Christmas Dinner in! The two smaller bibs were chosen by Chris who is a Disney fanatic and are great to use as dribble bibs during the day.


I had three or four Christmassy "Jelly Cat" teddies in my John Lewis basket but then we found this adorable cuddly Penguin in Tesco for just £7! We have also put in a small Reindeer from Early Learning Centre. Florence has a couple of toys from this range and she loves the clicky sound they make when you move the arms and legs. It will be perfect entertainment during our drive to Chris's parent's house on Christmas Day.


Florence has three books in her Christmas Eve Box - far too many but I simply couldn't resist! The first book is called "Santa's Sleigh Is On Its Way To Southend-On-Sea" and it is a beautiful story that features all the landmarks and towns near our Home. They do lots of different versions for different towns so I'd really recommend that you see whether the author has written a book about your hometown! 

The second book is called "Christmas Stories" and it encourages children to use their fine motor skills to follow the journey of Christmas. Florence's new favourite thing to do is point her finger so I think she'll love reading this story!

The last book is called "Dear Santa." We all love "Dear Zoo" in this household so we just had to buy the Christmassy version!

I thought that I had also bought "The Jolly Christmas Postman" but I can't seem to find it anywhere!

And that is Florence's Christmas Eve box!
What are your family Christmas traditions?