Monday, 5 January 2015

Ten Pregnancy Facts

1.       I found out that Chris and I were expecting at 4 weeks.  I woke up in the morning with a strong feeling that I was pregnant. After hours of telling myself that I was being silly I popped to the local shop and purchased a pregnancy test. Lo and behold, the test came back positive but I still didn’t believe it. Nine tests (and a lot of money spent!) later they were all positive.

2.       We had 10 scans all together. 4 private scans and 6 NHS scans. 8, 11, 13, 17, 19, 21, 30 weeks and three presentation scans on the labour ward to determine whether Florence was still breech.

3.       We first heard Florence’s heart beat at 8 weeks. It was so strong and the sonographer found her heartbeat before she found our tiny baby. Every Midwife and Dr commented on how strong her heartbeat was for the duration of our pregnancy.  Listening to her heartbeat never got old, I even have a recording on my phone that I still listen to.

4.       I was convinced that I was carrying a boy, as did everyone else. I chose boy names that I liked, shopped online for “boy” clothes and even started looking for decor for the nursery. It just proves that a mother’s intuition isn’t always right because at 17 weeks we found out that we were expecting a little girl.

5.       I first felt Florence kick when I was 19 weeks. We were on holiday in Cyprus, and I think she enjoyed the sunshine and Halloumi.

6.       I had morning sickness on and off during my pregnancy but it stopped completely at 22 weeks. I only ever craved really cold fruit such as apples and grapes.

7.       I used to wake up at 5.30am every single morning during my pregnancy. My Mother joked and told me that I would go into labour at 5.30am. I arrived at the Hospital on the morning my waters broke dead on 5.30am.

8.       The days leading up to labour I suffered from severe back ache to the point where I struggled to walk. I joked to Chris and said that I was “probably in labour.” My waters broke that night!

9.       My whole pregnancy was low risk, the only problem I faced was that Florence was breech for the entire time (minus a week here and there). Due to this reason, I was scheduled for an elective caesarean on the 9th December. Florence decided to throw all of our plans into the wind and arrived on the 1st December at 37+5 weeks.

10.   The radio was playing in the theatre where my caesarean was performed. Florence was welcomed into the word to Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas Is You. Pretty fitting really!

Do you have any interesting pregnancy facts that you would like to share?
 My baby bump at 34 Weeks.

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  1. Sorry being nosy and found this!! All lovely facts!! Love the radio one!! She's so lovely, must have been the best Xmas ever for you xox