Sunday, 1 February 2015

Florence's Two Month Update


Now that Florence is that little bit older I only get her weighed every two weeks. For the first few weeks of her life I made sure that I visited the Children’s Health Clinic every week to get her weighed because I was paranoid that she wasn’t putting on enough weight. When we went to the Children’s Health Clinic last Wednesday she weighed 10lb 10oz, exactly four pounds heavier than when she was born. General, Florence is on the 50th centile for her weight which we are really happy about. However, she had dropped a tiny bit on the centile this week which is to be expected because she’s been a little poorly. 

Daily Routine

Florence has been in a lovely routine since she was six weeks old. My next weeks blog post will be talking about her daily and bedtime routine so keep your eyes peeled! She is usually asleep by 8.30pm, has a dream feed around 11pm and then typically wakes for a bottle between 2.30am and 3.30am, and then again between 6.30am and 7.30am. After her 7.30am bottle she will then nap until 10.30/11am and by then it is time to have another bottle, get ready, and head to our daily baby class.  Florence’s daily routine generally follows the pattern of; bottle, playtime, nap, bottle, playtime, nap. Although, if we are out for the day she tends to sleep for longer in her pram. 


We make Florence a 5oz bottle at every feed now. Most of the time she will only take 3oz-4oz however, she has started to take the full bottle more regular. We have recently upped her teat size to size 2 as she was really struggling to draw the milk out, was falling asleep during a bottle, and was only taking half her usual feed. As a result of this she dropped a little on her centile line at her last weigh in, which was to be expected. The increase in teat size has really helped her to take the full bottle more regularly, and it now only takes her around 20 minutes to drink a 5oz bottle whereas beforehand it took her up to an hour on occasions. Generally, Florence will take between six and eight bottles during a 24 hour period. I am hoping that this will decrease now that Florence is able to take a larger amount during each feed. 


Florence is still in size Newborn clothing (bless!) I am getting so bored of her sleepsuits because she has been wearing them for two months now! I have even bought her new ones so curbed the boredom. Her 0-3 sleepsuits are all so beautiful and I can’t wait to put her in them, but for the time being they still absolutely swamp her. Florence has just moved into size 2 nappies too.


I have been fairly worried about Florence’s development. I kept seeing other babies that were the same age as her smiling and playing, and I often wondered what I was doing so wrong. Florence was a little over two weeks early so I did take this into account when it came to her reaching her milestones. 

Smiling - Finally, after (not so) patiently waiting Florence smiled for the first time when she was 7 weeks old. She made us work very hard for that first smile but we eventually got there. During the past week or so she has been smiling more regularly and doesn’t make us work for them as much. We often make her smile when singing to her, tickling her, and playing with her legs. 

Tracking – Florence is able to track our movement with her eyes. I usually hold a toy about 20cm away from her eyes and move it across so that she can follow it.

Listening – Florence has just started to look to us when we call her name. 

Voice - Florence has just started to find her voice. We are now getting more cooing from her which is so lovely to hear!

Teething – Ahh the dreaded “T” word... Chris started teething young so it was only ever going to be the same for Florence too. She has very rosy cheeks, dribbles a lot, and tries to bite on her hand. As she is so small she isn’t interested in the teething toys we bought her so it’s a case of us soothing her sore gums for her until she can. We bought her an Amber bracelet from a company called “I Like Amber.” Florence wears it on her ankle under her sleepsuits so that it doesn’t fall off and it has seemed to help stop the excessive dribbling. We also use Anbesol Liquid that contains anaesthetic for quick and effective pain relief.

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