Monday, 23 February 2015

The London Baby Show

Chris and I attended The Baby Show last October whilst I was pregnant. We loved it so much that we said we would go back in February with Florence. This time around the event was held at ExCel London. 

The event is huge, with over 150 exhibitors selling everything you could possibly think of for bump, baby, and beyond!

The show is definitely designed with parents in mind. The last time we went we weren’t able to use to free facilities they provide as Florence wasn't born so I was excited to this time! The first facility that we tried was the Baby Changing Area. The space that was created was large; there were 20 changing areas supplied by Stokke, changing mats, and nappy bins, making nappy changes comfortable and easy. Nappies and wipes were provided by Aldi’s award winning brand, Mamia, which is excellent if you want to try a new brand out. You can, of course, use your own nappies and wipes should you wish.   

Florence was then due a feed so we headed through the crowds to the Tommee Tippee Feeding Area. The Feeding Area supplied all the means to make a fresh bottle of milk. There were microwaves, bottle warmers, and the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine. I usually take readymade cartons of milk if we are out for the day so it was great to have access to a Prep Machine. For the older babies there were complimentary spoons, bibs, and Cow & Gate purée pouches. Again, the space was large and housed plenty of tables and seating for the whole family. If you’re a breast feeding Mother there was a private area with comfortable nursing chairs and complimentary breast pads. 

And then it was time for the shopping!!!

We tend to be like big children in a sweet shop at the Baby Show... As soon as the doors opened we are straight in and running to each stall to see what’s on offer. Before we went, Chris and I had a look at the list of Exhibitors and the products they sold. We generally knew what we were on the lookout for and then highlighted other Exhibitors that interested us. 

Here are all the goodies we bought...

Tommee Tippee
If you have read my Newborn Essentials blog post you would know how much I love these Tommee Tippee Milk Feeding Bibs. They are now the only bibs that I’ll use whilst feeding Florence. We probably went a little mad on how many we bought, but for the price they were on sale for you would be silly not to! A four pack of these bibs usually retail at £9, but they were selling them at the Baby Show for half price making a four pack only £4.50. 

Funky Giraffe Bibs

Yes, more bibs! I’ve recently been shopping around for some stylish dribble bibs for Florence. She has recently started the dreaded ‘T’ word and soaks her clothing in dribble every day. I found Funky Giraffe Bibs online and have had a number of bibs in my shopping basket for some time now. While looking at the list of Exhibitors I saw that Funky Giraffe Bibs would be at the show and decided to wait until I could see the bibs in real life. 

Their bibs have been designed with two poppers, meaning they can be worn from newborn right through until the child is a toddler. The front design is made with 100% cotton and is backed onto a fleece material, making them super soft and comfortable to wear. In addition, all of Funky Giraffe’s fabric is certified by OEKO –TEX, making them free from hazardous dyes and safe for our baby’s sensitive skin. 

The bibs come in over 200 wonderful designs so there will always be a bib to match an outfit. There were some designs that weren’t featuring at the show so I may have to put an order in online!

The show price for Funky Giraffe Bibs was 14 for £20 – an absolute bargain! 


Cheeky Chompers

My Mother bought Florence a Cheeky Chompers Neckerchew Bibs while I was pregnant and I love it. Its clever designs means that your baby can wear a stylish bib to catch the dribble, and have a teether chew at the same time! I am forever misplacing Florence’s teethers so this product is perfect. 

I had been after this exclusive print from Joules Neckerchew for a while. The ditsy floral print is absolutely beautiful and will compliment many of Florence’s outfits. While shopping at Cheeky Chompers at the Baby Show we saw their new product show cased – The Comfortchew. The comfort blanket doubles up as a teether and can be attached to your pram, car seat, cot, or dummy.
Both products are super absorbent, stylish, and practical.

The show price for the Neckerchew and Comfortchew set was £25. 

Earth Friendly Baby

This Earth Friendly Baby Calming Lavender Bubblebath is our favourite Bath Time product, we typically go through a bottle every 10 days or so.  When we last went to the Baby Show we bought the entire lavender collection ready for Florence’s birth. We haven’t used many of the other products so we didn’t buy the full collection again this time around. Instead, we took full advantage of their Buy One Get One Free offer and bought four bottles of bubble bath.

The show price for Earth Friendly Baby Calming Lavender Bubblebath was £5.50 for two bottles.

Annabel Karmel

We already have a few Annabel Karmel books, including; “Weaning,” “Top 100 Baby Purées,” and “Top 100 Finger Foods.” I really love her books and it makes me excited for when it is time to start weaning Florence. At the Baby Show we bought two more of her “Top 100” books – “Top 100 Meals In Minutes” and “Top 100 Pasta Meals.” Both books have quick and easy meal ideas for babies and toddlers. I think that they are really useful to have in the Kitchen for when you’re stuck on what to cook for the little ones! 

The show price for Annabel Karmel’s Top 100 books were £8.

Fill ‘n’ Squeeze

Fill ‘n’ Squeeze was the product that I was most looking forward to seeing. I’m not sure when the product was first launched, but I came across it in John Lewis a couple of weeks back and loved the idea. The Fill ‘n’ Squeeze allows you to transfer your home cooked purées into food pouches so that you can take them on the go without having to buy branded food pouches. Florence was born in December so she’ll start weaning around May/June time. The weather will start to get warmer and the days longer, meaning that we’ll (hopefully) be spending a lot of time away from home. This product means that I can still give Florence a homemade, healthy meal whilst we are out and about. The pouches are reusable, and can be used in the dishwasher, freezer, and microwave!

The show price for Fill ‘n’ Squeeze was £20 which included the starter kit and a refill pack of 10 pouches.

Little Folk 

Chris and I didn’t buy anything from this company, but we did fall in love with their products and took a card home with us. Personalised items aren’t something that Chris and I are usually interested in, but Little Folk specialise is beautiful, hand-made, hand-printed gifts. You are able to mix and match Little Folk’s character illustrations and colours to create your perfect gift. They offer so many personalised gifts from drinks bottles to clocks, to blankets to towels. We just loved everything that Little Folk had to offer and will certainly be taking full advantage of the 10% off voucher we were given, once we finally choose what to purchase that is! 

So that was our Baby Show haul!
 We have a really good time and plan on going back to the next London show later this year.

Did you go to the London Baby Show?
Let me know what your favourite buys were!


  1. Hello dear, I hope you and Florence are doing well! It's great review of the baby show in personally love it. I have been last year October 2014 before I give birth to my Twin girls 👭❤ looking forward to reading more experience.
    Lots of love xx

    1. Hi Meriem, I'm glad you enjoyed the show! Wow, twin girls?! You've certainly got your work cut out! Good luck, and enjoy them x