Sunday, 1 March 2015

Florence's Three Month Update


When we went to the Children’s Health Clinic on Monday Florence weighed 12lb 2oz, so she probably weighs around 12lb 5oz – 12lb 8oz now. She is still following her new Centile line which is just under the 50th Centile. The Health Visitor and I are happy with this as she is still gaining weight and she hasn’t dropped on the chart anymore. 

Daily Routine

During the day Florence still follows the pattern of Bottle, Playtime, Nap, Bottle, Playtime, Nap. Florence started to get really grizzly an hour or so before bed time so Chris and I have moved her bath half an hour earlier. We now start her bath and bedtime routine at 7pm. While her bath is running I give Florence a baby massage using Earth Friendly Baby Moisturising Shea Butter Massage Oil. She really enjoys her massage, it helps her to relax before bed time, and it also helps to take the tension off of her body that has been built up during the day. Once she is dried from her bath and in her clean pyjamas Florence has her last bottle. 

We stopped giving Florence a Dream Feed a couple of weeks ago. She started to only take an ounce or so and I figured that she didn’t really need the feed and was only taking some because it was offered to her. Since we dropped the Dream Feed Florence sleeps from 7.30pm to around 2.30am/3.30am for a quick ten minute feed. She’ll then wake for a feed around 6.00am/6.30am as Chris is waking for work, napping again until around 9.30am-10.00am.


If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen that I went back to using the smaller Dr Brown’s bottles. I was worried about how little Florence was taking at each feed and sought advice from the Health Visitor. She reassured me that Florence was gaining enough weight week to week, and if she only wanted 3oz at each feed then that is perfectly okay. She also advised me to start making smaller 4oz feeds so that I focused on how much she was taking, rather than worrying about how much she was leaving at each feed.

That was three weeks ago, and we changed back to the bigger Dr Brown’s bottles almost a week ago now. Florence had started to drink 4oz at almost every feed, and occasionally she wanted more. Since we have gone back to making 5oz bottles she is drinking around 4oz – 4.5oz at every feed. During the day she is still feeding every 3 hours, sometimes 4 hours. I don’t mind so much because it seems that Florence prefers to drink little and often.  


Florence moved up a clothing size around three weeks ago and she is now wearing 0-3 months. It was a sad day when I packed away all of her tiny little clothes, where has our little baby gone?! I can’t bear to give them away so we plan on turning her first sleepsuits into a special keepsake bear! Hannah from Firsttimemummy uploaded a photo onto her Instagram of a lovely puppy dog bear made from Austin’s first clothing. It was made by a company called “Keepsakes From My Sewing Room” and we’ve got our eye on their adorable Giraffe Keepsake Bear! 

Florence is still in Size 2 nappies but I don’t think that it’ll be long before she moves up a size in those also.


Smiling – After smiling for the first time at 7 weeks, Florence has just not stopped! She has turned into such a happy little girl and it brings tears to my eyes every time she smiles! We’re still waiting for that first little giggle though!

Talking – Florence started coo’ing a couple of weeks ago. She loves to talk back to us and will often copy the sounds that we make. I love our little conversations that we have now!

Waking – Florence used to always wake up from a nap crying which upset me. Recently she has been waking up by herself and happily lays in her Moses Basket until I realise that she’s awake! I often don’t know that she has woken up until I need to go into our bedroom for something and I see her laying there, smiling and coo’ing. It’s the sweetest sight! 

Chewing - Florence has found her hands and is constantly chewing them now! She has also started to use her Dr Brown's Flexees Teether and really bites down on it!


  1. Aww she is adorable! :) I think it's lovely you're keeping a little diary of her life as it's something really nice to look back on! I'm not a mum myself but I have a few friends who are and it sounds like you're doing a great job

    Tania //


    1. Thank you Tania! We have a pregnancy & baby book and I haven't written in it once since Florence has been born. I am completely useless and now I have to try and remember what we've done over the last 14 weeks! x