Sunday, 22 March 2015

What's In My Changing Bag?

Michael Kors Jet Set Tote - Selfridges

After getting a little bored of using my BabyMel Ella Changing Bag I went in search of a new Changing Bag. Whilst in John Lewis I fell in love with the BabyBeau Ellie Leather Changing Bag. I resisted temptation, as hard as it was, and walked away from it. When I got home I logged onto the BabyBeau website to have another little look at it. The more I looked, the more the Ellie Leather Changing Bag looked just like my Michael Kors Jet Tote bag, which I absolutely love but haven't used since Florence has been born, all of my belongings just get thrown in with her things nowadays! 

I decided to start using the Michael Kors bag as my Changing Bag. The colour suited our pram, it was large enough to house both of our belongings, and it meant that I didn't have to buy a new bag - perfect! The only problem with the Michael Kors bag is it doesn't have as many compartments and sections as the BabyMel Ella Changing  Bag. Whilst on their website I came across the BabyBeau Changing Mat Organiser. It's a cleverly designed three-fold leather wallet that has space for nappies and wipes, whilst having a changing mat attached. The organiser is reasonably priced, matches the colour of my Michael Kors Tote perfectly, and means I have a place to keep everything!

Changing Mat Organiser - BabyBeau


We have used Pampers New Baby and Water Wipes with Florence from birth and have never experienced any problems with them. She has never suffered from Nappy Rash which is pretty good going seeing as she's 16 weeks old! I always over pack the Changing Bag and take more nappies than I know I'll need - just in case!

I carry a small Sudocream tube with me in case a rash does appear.


We use Dr Brown's Wide Neck Bottles. I usually calculate how many I'll need for the duration of our outing and then add one more - just in case! Do you see where this is going?! I used to take boiled water and power pots out with me, but the powder never really dissolved into cooled water, resulting in blocked teats. I now take the ready made Aptamil Bottles with me. They are so much easier!

I pack my bag high with Tommee Tippee Baby Milk Feeding Bibs and Muslins, Florence gets through so many!!!


As you can probably tell by now I am most definitely a "Just In Case!" type of person. That's why I always carry with me Nelsons Teetha Granules, Anbesol Liquid, Dentinox Teething Gel, Infacol, Calpol, and Hand Sanitiser. You never know when teething, wind, or a fever will strike!

Spare Clothes

I learnt the hard way to always pack spare clothes. I now pack two spare sets of vests and sleepsuits. Florence has started to wear "proper" clothes now but I still find it easier to pack sleepsuits. It also means I don't have to pick an entire outfit to pack!

And that's about it! 
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  1. Love this post. I have definitely been caught out with not packing enough spare changes before. I need to have a reorganise and rethink of what to pack in my bag and which bag to use as I'm going on holiday next week. This was really helpful. Xx