Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Florence's Seven Month Update


I went to our Children’s Health Clinic on Monday morning and Florence now weighs 16lb 12oz! Just over 10lbs bigger than her birth weight. 

Daily Routine

Now that Florence is sleeping through the night (Hallelujah!) she tends to wake up earlier than before. She now sleeps from 7.00pm – 6.30/7.00am which is great. I’m also trying to wake up earlier to prepare myself for starting back at University in September so I now get up with Chris at 6.00am. 

Florence has her first morning bottle at 7.00am and then her breakfast around 8.00am with me. She then has a little play until around 8.30/9.00am when it’s then time for her first nap of the day. I’ve noticed that the length of her naps changes fairly regularly, sometimes she’ll only go down for 30 minutes and sometimes it’ll be more – Yesterday morning she napped for two and a half hours! When she wakes from her morning nap I get her dressed (getting dressed before breakfast is a big no no!) and she’ll then have another bottle around 11.00/11.30pm before leaving for our baby class. We tend to get home around 1.00pm and she usually has a little power nap in the car on the way home, meaning that she’s ready for her lunch when we get home. We have lunch together and another little play before she has a second nap at 2.00/2.30pm. Again, the afternoon nap tends to vary! When Florence wakes it’s then time for another bottle and play. She’ll then have her dinner around 5.00/5.30pm as Chris gets home from Work. She has lots of cuddles and kisses with Chris until it’s time for a bath at 6.30pm. After her bath she has a Bottle and a bedtime story before falling asleep just before 7.00pm. And that’s a day in the life of seven month old Florence! 


Now that Florence is sleeping through the night she has dropped two bottles. She now has 4 x 5oz bottles over a 24 hour period.


Florence is now eating three meals a day with pudding after dinner! For breakfast she’ll either have half a Weetabix, half a yoghurt, porridge, or toast, all with a fruit pot mixed on or fruit pieces to hold. For lunch she has a selection of finger foods, you can read my latest Weaning Diary blog post to see what she has been eating! And for Dinner Florence has three cubes of textured Purée, again with a fruit pot or fruit pieces for pudding!


Florence’s 0-3 Months Vests and Sleepsuits still fit and some are even a little baggy, so she’s still in those for the time being. Most of her 3-6 Months clothes fit now too, and I need to sort through her 6-9 Month clothes to see whether any of those are near to fitting so that she doesn’t miss out on wearing them! Does anyone else find that baby clothes sizes can come up very different depending on the shop they’re bought from?! 

Florence is still wearing Size 3 nappies but we’ll be moving her up to Size 4 when she’s used up all of the smaller ones.


Speech – Florence stared to say “Da Da” a couple of weeks ago and hasn’t stopped. She is so loud and talks all day long, we have some lovely conversations! 

Sitting up ­– For a couple of months Florence has done really well with sitting up. She gradually started to sit up for longer periods of times, and yesterday she sat up on her own for the entire 45 minute baby class!

Crawling – I don’t think that it’ll be long before Florence starts crawling. On the start of last week she started to pull her legs up and drag herself forward. She’s becoming a little pickle and I can’t take my eyes off of her for seconds before she’s over the other side of the room. 

Swimming – Florence has just been awarded her Two Star Badge from her Swimming Lessons!

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