Monday, 3 August 2015

Florence's Eight Month Update


Chris and I took Florence to our Children’s Health Clinic this morning and Florence now weighs 17lb 7½ oz! She is currently sitting back on the 50th Centile which is one whole Centile difference since she has started weaning. I am so happy with this as she is now back to where she was before her weight started dropping. 

Daily Routine

Florence is still sleeping through the night! She goes to sleep at 7.00pm but has started waking up a little earlier than before. We can now expect her to wake anywhere between 6am and 7.30am (the 6am starts are hard!).

Due to the earlier starts, Florence now has her first morning bottle at between 6.30am and 7.00am. She’ll then have her breakfast around 8.00am with me. After breakfast Florence has a little play until around 8.30/9.00am when it’s time for her morning nap. We still wait until after breakfast and her morning nap before getting Florence dressed! She’ll then have another bottle around 10.30/11.00am. Now that it’s the Summer Holidays we don’t have Baby Classes every day, but as Chris is off work too we make sure that we have something fun planned for every day! It’s still usually after her 10.30/11.00am bottle that we’ll head off out for the day so that some similarity remains in her routine. Florence eats her lunch around 12.00pm and we have found that it is much easier to give her lunch when we’re out of the house now that she’s eating finger foods at Lunch Time. Depending where we are, Florence will have her afternoon nap at 2.00/2.30pm either in the Pram or in the Cot. Florence then has her afternoon bottle slightly earlier, around 3.00/3.30pm. I try and give Florence her dinner a little earlier at 5.00pm now. She had stopped drinking her night time bottle and I think it’s because she was still full from dinner. After dinner she has pudding and a last little play before her bath, bottle, story, and bed at 6.30pm. 

Florence’s naps still vary in length. Sometimes she’ll sleep for half an hour, and other times she’ll sleep for three hours. Lucky her!


Florence is still drinking 4 x 5oz bottles over a 24 hour period and is still eating three solid meals a day. She loves feeding herself finger foods but is still enjoying me feeding her Breakfast and Dinner. She is starting to take more of an interest in holding the spoon and feeding herself. It tends to be very messy but it’s all learning!



Florence is currently still wearing 0-3 Months Sleepsuits and 3-6 Months Clothing. However, we are going on Holiday this week and all of her Sleepsuits are 3-6 Months and her Clothing is 6-9 Months. When we return home I’ll be packing up all of her smaller clothes that she’s wearing at the moment. Sob.
Florence has moved up a size in Nappies and now wears 4+. Size 4 would have been fine but I find the + size Nappies more absorbent, especially as she doesn’t have a nappy change during the night anymore.


Sitting up ­–Florence now sits up completely unaided. She didn’t go through that half-wobbly stage like you hear about, one day she just suddenly got it and hasn’t looked back since! 

Crawling – She is just sooo close to crawling! She now spends most of the time up on all fours rocking backwards and forth. She is trying her hardest but her leg still slips backwards as she tries to bring it forward. I've uploaded a video below so that you can see what I mean, bless her!

Teething – Florence has cut two little toothypegs. Both of her lower front teeth have popped through and a third is on its way!

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