Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Florence's Flight Bag


We are flying to Argaka on Sunday afternoon, wahoo!!! I had to keep our Holiday a secret from Chris since February as it was his 21 Birthday present, and the time has gone so slowly but we are finally going on Holiday! Florence’s plane bag is essentially what I’d pack in my Changing Bag with some added extras to keep her occupied during our 4 hour flight.


All of Florence’s food items will be packed into a large, clear zip lock bag. Mostly for ease and knowing that everything is together, but also because I am not sure whether they’ll need to be screened separately due to them being liquid items. 

Sterilised Bottles - Enough for the flight and then a couple of extras,  just as a backup in case we incur delays. 

Ready Made Milk – I have packed enough 200ml Aptamil Bottles for the duration of our flight. I have also ordered extra bottles to be delivered to the Boots within the Terminal, again incase of delays.

Food Pouches – We will be having Breakfast at our Hotel before our flight, but Florence will need to eat Lunch and Dinner on the go. For ease, I have bought a few savoury Ella’s Kitchen pouches and some fruit ones for pudding.

Snacks –I have packed a variety of Organix and Kiddylicious snacks to keep her busy in between main meals. They are mostly chunky maize snacks so they are easy for Florence to hold and nibble on. 

 Overall Bib – Florence isn’t the cleanest of eaters so I want to keep her as covered as I can! We picked up a spare Apron Bib from Tesco to pop into the bag. It has long sleeves and a high neck so fingers crossed we’ll avoid the mess.
Koko Pouch Spoons – We found these clever little spoons in Tesco. They are by KoKo and fit onto most food pouches. They also come in a handy little travel case that fits nicely into our bag. Again, these were bought for ease during the flight as we won’t have much space to mess around with bowls and spoons.

Sippy Cup – Florence uses the Tommee Tippee First Cup at the moment. It’s very small and non leak which is perfect for long journeys. I’ve read that the dry air inside the Cabin can make you very thirsty and I don’t want Florence to become dehydrated. 


Sleepsuits - Florence will be travelling in a Sleepsuit so that she is cosy and comfortable. We are also taking a couple of spares in case of mess or explosions! 

Cardigan – Most aeroplanes have their Air Con on constantly during the flight so we’ll be bringing along a little cardigan to keep her warm if it gets too chilly on board. 

Blanket – The same as above, another “just in case” item!


I’ll be taking my Baby Beau Changing Mat Organiser that I use every day. I’ll be filling it with Florence’s usual nappies and a brand new pack of Water Wipes. It’s small enough to pop into any bag and means that all of her changing things are together for ease and we’ll always have a changing mat close by. 


We will be packing a few of Florence’s favourite toys in our hand luggage, and the rest in our suitcase. We have also brought Florence a brand new LaMaze toy to take with us so that she has something new and exciting to play with!

I have also packed a couple of her favourite books for us to read together, including sensory books that Florence can touch and feel.


Red Book – I’m sure that Florence will be absolutely fine while we’re on Holiday (touch wood!) but just in case, I’ll be taking her Red Book with us. It contains all information relating to immunisations, weight, medical history, and useful numbers.

Medicines – I’ll be packing a small zip lock bag filled with Dentinox, Anbesol Liquid, Teething Granules, and the small 5ml Sachets of Calpol and Calprofen along with a medicine spoon. All of the tubes and sachets are less than the 100ml liquid allowance which is great!

Plastic Bag – In case of accidents I’ll be packing a plastic bag to put any dirty items in.

And that’s about it!
Is there anything that I’ve missed that were your life savers while flying with a baby?

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