Monday, 1 June 2015

182 Days // 26 Weeks // 6 Months

Florence at a few seconds old.

These past six months have been stretched out into infinite moments, yet flown by so quickly. I fear that if I close my eyes just for one moment you be in your school uniform, or clutching the keys to your first car, or with a rucksack on your back ready to leave your Father and I to explore the World.

Motherhood is tiresome. I have had moments where I have felt so fragile, weak, and insecure. I have never been so exhausted, but my heart has never been so full. Motherhood has changed me; it has made me grow, it has made me realise how unimportant everything before it was in comparison to how beautiful life is now. 

One day we’ll sleep again, but for the time present I’ll take the time to study your entire being. I’ll sit for hours in your bedroom to watch your chest rise and fall while you sleep peacefully. I’ll kiss you a thousand times a day. I’ll take the cries so that I can soothe them. I’ll take the aching shoulders so that I can hold you. All because I know that although the days may seem long now, they’ll soon be distant memories.

You still wear mostly 0-3 month clothing.

You are very nosey.

You came Riding with me and met a horse for the first time.

You can roll both ways.

You can swim underwater.

You love splashing the water at bath time.

You eat two meals a day.

You've turned into a real Daddy's Girl.

You love riding on Henry's back. 

You love people's noses.

You love it when we blow raspberries on your tummy. 

You don’t like having your face cleaned after meal time.

You love playing in your Jumperoo.

You love pulling my hair.

You blow lots of bubbles.

You love putting everything into your mouth.

You've been on a swing in the park.

You love talking, especially at 5am.

You get really excited when we squeak Sophie Giraffe or your bunny toy.

You've got a secret ticklish spot on the back of your neck that only I can find.

You love falling asleep in our bed.

You suck your thumb to fall asleep.

You smile in your sleep.

You love sitting in your highchair, playing with your toys.

You always wiggle your toes.

You giggle when your big cousin Lily is being silly.

You don’t like when people wear glasses or sun glasses.

You have been to the Aquarium.

Florence at six months old.

"To be a Mother is the greatest gift of all."

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